Jira Sysadmin Training

Become a better Jira Sysadmin

With the Jira System Administration training, you will learn how to choose the proper architecture for your instance, how to install Jira Server application, main configuration files and how to adjust them to what you need. You will also learn about the scaling of your instance and how to maintain the performance of Jira on the high level.

Our team has several years of experience of administering large to enterprise size of Jira Server installations. We will provide you practical hints on how to configure, upgrade or migrate your Jira Server. You will learn how to set up the proper monitoring for Jira and how to get the most of the provided metrics.

We will also focus on importance of considering Jira Add-ons impact on performance and upgrades.

Training Details

Jira System Architecture
  • Jira Architecture Overview
  • Supported platforms
  • Determine the proper architecture for your instance
  • Scaling Jira
Server Installation and configuration
  • How to install Jira Server Application
  • Configure Server Installation
  • Configure monitoring for the key system metrics
  • Backup solutions for your Jira instance depending you the size of your instance
  • How to read the monitoring data and scale the Jira Server Installation accordingly
  • Analyze the impact of add-ons on the installation.
  • Determining and fixing the performance problems
  • Main causes of performance problems.
  • Troubleshooting know-hows
  • How to read the logs and analyze them properly
  • Indexing and its importance on the Jira performance
Upgrades and migrations
  • Things to consider during the application upgrades
  • Creation and analysis of upgrade/migration plans
  • Add-ons and application upgrades
  • Merging instances
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