Jira Basic Training

Learn the basics of Jira

Are you thinking to start using JIRA or your company uses JIRA and you are not sure what this product does?

We can help you to get started. In this course you will learn how to track and handle team issues, You will get experience by real life situations and it will bring you confidence to use it in everyday work.

This course is designed for new JIRA users, product managers, project administrators, developers.

Training Details

  • Create and monitor the issues as it flows through the workflow
  • Describe how issues are organized in Jira
  • Save / manage filters
  • Edit existing issues, changing priority and assignees
  • Update multiple issues in one operation to align with changing business requirements
  • Create Dashboards with Pie Chart reports and other gadgets
  • Apply agile methodology (scrum, kanban) to JIRA with boards.
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