Consulting Services

Jira and Confuence Consultance

Our consultants are available for you on-site as well as remotely. We provide the wide range of services and are happy to help you work with Atlassian products.

Installing and Configuration, Upgrades

We can help you get started with Atlassian Jira or Confluence. Our consultants have a wide knowledge of the Atlassian tools and how they work.

  • We will install Jira Server or Confluence Server for you
  • We will configure your installation and optimize it according to your needs.
  • We can assist you in upgrading your installation to the new versions.

Setting up your working environment

Need to have a Scrum board, simple project, Wiki templates? We can do it for you.

This includes:

  • Setup of Jira projects
  • Modification and customization of workflows
  • Set up of Confluence Spaces
  • Best practices on how to manage your project documentation
  • Get the most out of Jira and Confluence with the Jira-Confluence integration

Add-ons consulting

Add more to Jira or Confluence with the add-ons. Our consultants can help you find and configure the add-ons that will improve the way you work with Atlassian tools and add the functionalities that you need, but which are not provided in the standard Jira or Confluence.

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